I have a love/hate relationship with my 6am strength sessions…

Today for instance:

I woke up to my alarm and was on the verge of smashing it. I honestly had no clue what that screeching noise was and had screamed a whole slew of vulagarities (all in my head of course; I didn’t want to subject my poor roommates to my “colorful” vocabulary at 5:30am). I took one look at the clock and felt a growing knot of gross realization: I had to wake up and go to my morning strength session with the team.

I closed the alarm, fell back to my bed for an extra minute, then reluctantly slid off the side of my bed and crawled to my dresser (no exageration). I put on my clothes and headed out the door.

I cheered up on the walk there. The crisp air hugged my bare shins and nipped at my cheeks. Sounds like I’m trying to be poetic or something, but that’s the only way to accurately describe it. The thing is, because of late night soccer practice in the fall and constant outdoors when I was a child, that “cool sensation” is something I love - it’s nostalgia.

Not to mention the rest of the world is absolutely silent. It’s still dark at six am here so I feel like I’m in some odd in-between. Not night. Not day. I really love it.

But then there’s the actual session. Oh God. Today, again, is the prime example of my love/hate for it. I love when it’s difficult and I get to do exercises I’d never even heard of or seen before. Today was circuit training then ropes. All had me pretending I was in Alpha Training or Training in Young Justice. And some of the exercises ARE fun. ….they were just also incredibly painful. I always struggle, but there is something great about that burst of energy at the end of a push. It could be that we’ve gone beyond feeling pain and from there are simply working on pure adrenaline. I love it.

also, went back to climbing after two weeks. Did a 5.9 and two 5.8s before bouldering for a bit. The staff yelled at me to stop dig 5.8s and keep doing harder climbs.  

And now to make myself some oatmeal and sleep for an hour before class…

Anonymous asked:

Your workouts are all over the pllace. Pick one damn sport/workout!


I’m a martial artist, I can’t stop that training unless I learned NOTHING from the five years it took me to gain my black belt. I love the feeling of a perfectly executed roundhouse kick or crescent kick (to the head).

I love rock climbing. I use it to complement my strength training, and I absolutely adore climbs with high knees. I just started this school year, but I quickly came to looove it. When I got climbing shoes for christmas I actually threw my arms around my mother in total happiness.

I use yoga and running to calm down. Yoga is great for relaxing the mind, improving your stretch, and various other things like immune systems etc. Running is the most accessable form of cardio for ANYONE and on a particularly bad day it really helps you just get everything out.

And to be good at what I’ve listed a lot of the others work into it! For example: Taekwondo workouts typically involve me jogging anywhere from 10 minutes to HIIT Runs for 20 minutes then stretching for a bit (10 minutes) THEN intense bag workouts or line drills (where the kicking comes into play) and then ten minutes of bodyweight exercises. If I’m not busy when I do this, I usually end up at the rockwall to fit in 2-4 climbs and chat.

Back home, TKD workouts would also include a few days of sparring, a few days of ONLY stretching, etc. etc.

And crew….well…..I’ve yet to actually try crew and all that jazz, but I need a team feeling here and coaches to help me stablize workouts and well…I LOVE TRYING NEW THINGS AND SPONTANAITY IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED. And I’ve got a few friends on the team and get a weight room only they use so YAY no more intimidating people….I’m trying it out and hopefully I enjoy it. I stayed for a practice and liked what I saw and wanted to join in.Oh and THEY VARY THEIR WORKOUTS TOO OMG THEY STARTED WITH URGS THEN WENT FOR A RUN THEN URGED AGAIN AND THEN THE COACH WAS ALL HMM TIME FOR A LITTLE FIVE MINUTE YOGA STRETCH THEN HE TOLD ME THEY DO STRENGTH TRAINING TWICE A WEEK. 

Save for (future) crew, I implement all of those sports/exercises into my workouts 2-4 times a week. I don’t even consider climbing a BIG workout routine because I do it for fun, and same for yoga - I typically go for a climb or do yoga on my rest days too just to have fun with it. Mixing up your workouts actually helps keep your metabolism running smoothly, and finding sports that you enjoy are a great way to stick with your workouts!

So after this long rant….I can bid you a “fuck off.”

Mono literally sucks to high heaven. I’m more prone to relapsing into the virus unless I take my exercise slowly. I’ve been on one two mile run in 25 degree weather and now my throat hurts and im stuffy and feel like i have a low fever coming on. I really really really wanna work out but I’m scared of getting the full acute symptoms back. UGH a little yoga will have to suffice :/

Yesterday’s recap and today’s problemo…

So yesterday was a pretty okay day…

Woke up, made farina, did a 50 minute yoga routine, then printed out forms/made payments for/looked stuff up for college. Afterwards I sorta floated around and had a luna bar for a snack. Cleaned my room, drew, and finally….LUNCH. 

Lunch was absolutely beautiful. A corn tortilla with melted cheese, kale, tomatoes, and cucumbers! YUM. I burnt it a bit, but that’s just a mistake to remember to avoid!

Anywho - after lunch I - again - floated around, talked to a friend, didn’t really know what to do with myself. THEN LO AND BEHOLD I FIND OUT THERE’S A BOOK BASED ON PETER PAN’S TIGER LILY. I LOOKED IT UP, READ AN EXERPT, THEN GOT ON MY BIKE AND MADE MY WAY TO THE BOOKSTORE.

Bought the book AND two comics! (flash and batgirl!)

Snack time #2 consisted of homemade chocoalte protein pudding (Two scoops spirutein powder, and your choice of one cup of milk - cow’s, almond, soy, etc. the two scoops gives it a pudding-y texture rather than a smoothie) and half of a fage greek yogurt (in case you didn’t notice my protein for the day was a bit lacking.)

I read until my dentist appointment. Read while WAITING at my dentist, came home, ran to gym where I did another half hour taekwondo routine and a half hour of weights.

Once I got in the car I decide to make my brother drive and pick up my friend. We grab some Pesos (I got nutella cream ice. TIS OKAY IT MADE MY BELLAY HAPPY). Sooo I had dessert before dinner and dinner wasn’t much considering I didn’t feel like cooking and I was so full from the rest of the day - so a piece of whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of peanutbutter

Then my friend, brother, and two neighbors of mine just hung out for the night. I didn’t get to go to bed till 2, and now, even though I planned on running all day, I wake up to thunderstorms.


Everytime I go to ballet I’m kinda shoked by some compliments.

I mean I know the majority of the kids there are well…kids haha…but one just looks at me and she always asks how long I’ve been dancing for. I tell her I just started a few months ago and she calls me a liar xD Then another girl asks me just how many sports I do and says I have a really athletic body. THEN the ballet teacher keeps talking about either my “strong legs/muscles” and stuff and once about how I had a nice butt O.o (the joy of a crazy Greek dance teacher). I just like going there even if I’ve got bow-legs.



My contract had been expired for TKD for a while and I haven’t renewed it because of the play and stuff and I’d barely get to go there. And now, I have two months left before the hecticness of summer comes along where I’m going to Cyprus, Disney, and  getting ready for college, etc. etc. I don’t think I’d really get to go to TKD often at all, and I can’t get a contract for only that short amount of time (four months) anyway….


I can’t go back to Taekwondo.

I was near tears when I figured this out. I’ll definitely try going for maybe one or two last training sessions, but Jesus those goodbye’s wil be so emotional for me (It’s gunna be all respectful bowing martial arts style teary too! D: ) and I just….

Taekwondo has been such a critical part in my life and now this dojang…I’m leaving it….

I definitely want to continue practicing my martial arts, but….wow….I’m near tears just typing this. So many memories with so many amazing people there, and so much strength given to me in such a silly way….

Kamsahamnida, Kwan Jang Nim

totally apologizing for the butchering of the Korean Language right there…





A little real life motivation for you lifting ladies.

The first girl, Cecily, trains at the gym I just left to move up here. She is CRAZY strong. As her coach Ben (he’s the dude in red shorts dancing around behind her while she lifts) said, “She’s gonna squat 400lbs one day, no question”.

All these chicks are bad ass. 

This makes me want to find an oly gym. So bad ass! Now that I think of it, I could use the rubber plates at my old high school :) Ooh.

My favorite part is the look on their face. I always smile like an absolute fool when I hit a PR - some of these girls are ecstatic, others are like, “Well no shit I just did that.” 

Oh Wow! I wish I could do this just as much as I wish I don’t die after a 5 mile run! Wow!

Too bad I’m scared shitless of weights - not becuase I fear getting “buff” and “looking like a guy,” but because I have the weakest arms. When I would do this stuff in freshman year my PR was so pathetic O.O like…..60 or something guys don’t laugh I don’t exaggerate when I say my arms are pathetiiiiic

THEN of course I can’t find any of my friends who’d be willing to spot me and stuff, and I am so intimidated by the scary brolic people in the basement area D: Part of me wishes I could go and just ask one of these people for help and some tips. God I’m such a pathetic neeeewwwwbbb. D: